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About Me

I am running to represent District 5 on the Yakima City Council. As a resident and business owner in Yakima I will work for what is best for us, here. As an attorney and open government advocate, I will be sure that our government is running well and for the people it represents. I will work for the people of Yakima every day.

My main goal is to establish a more verdant, healthier, dynamic community that will attract and retain businesses and the next generation of Yakima residents. I want to prioritize complete streets, sustainable planning for future growth, smart government and economic development, restoring trust with low-income communities, and a safe Yakima.

Liz Hallock Yakima

Paid for by Committee for Liz Hallock for Yakima City Council.
Candidate for Yakima City Council, District 5
420 S 72nd Ave, Suite 180, Box 189, Yakima, WA 98908